Ice Cream = Happiness

Here's an idea for a great way to make kids happy (teens and adults, too, for that matter). I wanted to reward all the Wednesday night church kids for working hard and doing well at a competition. I got the number of the guy who drives the local ice cream truck and had him show up at the church a few minutes after we started. I told the kids how proud I was of them and that I wanted to reward them with a special surprise. We were in the gym and we have this big loading bay door on one end that is automatically retractable. So I walked over to the door and pushed the button, the door slowly slid up and when the kids saw the ice cream truck they freaked out. I had him actually drive it into the gym and the kids got to run up to it and order whatever they wanted. They loved it! I kept my teens in there too (they loved it too). It was an idea that made about 35 people really happy and it only cost me about $50. If I would have just handed them push-ups and ice cream bars, they wouldn't have hardly cared. But there's nothing cooler than picking your treat from the ice cream truck! Plus, I got to have my favorite - the ChocoTaco. (I know. I'm dieting, but I've been good.)


Jackie said...

the ice cream truck comes to our youth group too!
now whenever i eat a choco-taco ill think of you
*tear* its almost been a year since youve been gone!!!
youd better expect a visit from me next summer. right now im saving to go on a school trip to france so after that. missouri(or wherever you might live then) here i come!

Joel Teague said...

Hey Jeff that is an awsome idea!!! your the man!
Oh ya! When are you comming to France?
C ya Joel

Michael Ent said...

Sweet thinkin' Youthman! I'm stealing your idea, but I'm not going to France