The Bellucci Code

All right, I discovered a really wild coincidence. All of you conspiracy theorists out there feel free to make more of it, though. (I figured this out myself, by the way.)

Part of the contraversy in The DaVinci Code is that supposedly the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene married a Merovingian king and Jesus' bloodline was passed on through the royal Merovingian bloodline (French royalty).

OK, here's the weird part. The actress who played Mary Magdalene in Mel Gibson's Passion (Monica Bellucci), is the same actress who played Persephone in the Matrix sequels, who was the wife of the character referred to as "the Merovingian." Coincidence? Or massive Hollywood conspiracy? You be the judge.

Word to the Wise: DO NOT do an image search of Monica Bellucci or you WILL need to repent. This was the cleanest pic I could find.

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