El Codigo Da Vinci

The summer youth season is upon me and my mind is in a rush because I've got about a bajillion events to plan and execute. But right now I've got two main things on my mind: a seminar on The Da Vinci Code I have to give on Sunday night and a teen trip to Mexico next Thursday (thus the title).

I enjoy the whole Da Vinci thing. First of all, it's a pretty good book. Second of all, it's a complete load of horse crap. Thirdly, I get a chuckle at all the Christians who are pouring on the sackcloth and ashes because of this thing. Everyone's so afraid this is going to destroy truth as we know it or whatever, but the Da Vinci claims are so completely ridiculous. They might as well be showing Babe the Pig or something because it would be easier to believe that a pig can talk than to believe the crap in The Da Vinci Code. It's FICTION!!!!!! If this is the worst thing we Christians have to worry about, we've got it pretty good.

I'm looking forward to Mexico. Hopefully, the trip will get me grounded better in reality. More than anything, I hope the teens that go will really get a sense of how BIG God is and what true faith looks like.

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