11 Things I Love About Jamie

Jamie and I have been married for 11 years so I thought I would jot down 11 reasons I love her.

1. She thinks I'm really funny, but rarely laughs at me. It's kind of sexy.
2. She's an awesome mom.
3. She does this thing that I can't go into detail about because I'm pretty sure it's illegal in Missouri.
4. She's pretty smart, but let's me believe I'm smarter.
5. Her feet.
6. When she's lonely, she talks to the dog alot.
7. She's pretty good at finding ways to come up with money.
8. She always compliments me when I work hard on something.
9. She's my best friend.
10. Sometimes we fight just for fun.
11. Good enough is never good enough (sometimes I love this and sometimes I hate this).

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