My Heroes

People inspire me by their attitudes and actions so often and most of the time I forget to acknowledge their impact on my life. I'm going to try to change that. Here are my current heroes.
  • My friend Amy who has had and incredibly difficult year. Her faith has been tested by relationships, finances, and half a dozen other things. Now she's president of the Dixon School Board in a very unpopular year to be president, because they have to trim millions off the school budget. She's holding her head high and being faithful to God! Awesome!
  • My friend Rich who had the guts to get in front of a church this week and share his experiences and feelings about Christians. Oh yeah...he's not a Christian. He was seriously a lion in a den of Daniels! His courage and transparency taught us all a great deal.
  • My friend Heidi who is struggling to find work, but she always has a great attitude and a smile on her face. And not only does she not have a job, but she answered the call to serve in India for two weeks in October and is trusting that God will provide the funds for the trip he called her to go on.
  • My friend Gary who has lost a crazy amount of weight and has inspired me to get serious about getting in better shape, too.
  • My friend Michael who is starting a church against all odds...and I mean ALL!
  • My wife Jamie for putting up with me, homeschooling our kids, working part-time, leading our women's ministry, maintaining our home, and losing weight this week! She rocks!

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