Magazine Recommendations

I currently subscribe to four different magazines that I find to be helpful tools for my ministry. Thought I'd share them.

Leadership - Formerly Leadership Journal. This is a great quarterly magazine ($24.95/yr) with top-notch articles. Each issue normally centers around a specific issue or area of ministry. I have to be honest, though. This is one that I've considered giving up. There was a time when it was the be-all-end-all in pastoral leadership mags, but it really hasn't kept up and evolved very well. Unlike the next two...

Rev! - This is the magazine I wish Leadership would be. It's captivating, 
colorful, on the cutting edge of ministry trends, and I really look forward to it. 6 issues per year for $29.95. It's put out by Group. I pretty much love everything they do!

Outreach - Another great idea mag. They are also on the cutting edge and offer many great practical ideas. However, the one thing I hate about Outreach is their annual lists of the 100 largest churches, fastest growing churches, or most innovative churches (although I appreciated the shift in focus this year to the 25 most innovative ideas). These kinds of list aren't healthy and create neurotic, competitive pastors and churches. But I love everything else! 6 issues per year for $29.95.

Fast Company - I just started reading this one and love it. This is a magazine that follows the top leaders, trends, ideas, companies in business and technology. I'm finding it very helpful in trying to remain a forward thinker. 12 issues per year for $9.99 - can't beat it!

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