Favorite Podcasts

I really love listening to podcasts on iTunes while I work or exercise. I find it's a great way to be in a constant state of learning (I'm listening to great one now even as I type this.) If you're not downloading podcasts you are missing out on so much. You can literally expose yourself to the greatest minds, teachers, preachers of our time with the click of a mouse. Here's a list of my current favorites.
  • Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast - Andy is a great preacher, but I think he is an even greater leadership guru. His lessons are powerful and practical.
  • Catalyst Podcast - Another leadership podcast. Ken Coleman and Brad Lomenick score some of the best interviews and really have great comedic chemistry. They do a good job of highlighting both ministry leaders and popular leadership authors.
  • Cornerstone Simi Podcast - Francis Chan is the most inspiring preacher I know of.
  • Coffee Break Spanish - This is a great little 15-20 minute Spanish lesson. The thing I love the most about it is that it is done by two Scottish people. There's nothing like learning Spanish from two people with thick Scottish accents!
  • Resurgence Featured Audio - This is a podcast of special material from Mark Driscoll. Not his weekly sermons, but conferences he speaks at or guest speakers he brings in to Mars Hill Church for seminars/conferences.
  • TEDTalks (video) - TED is an annual conference featuring the greatest minds, artists, innovators, social activists, scientists, leaders... in the world. The talks are always fascinating and future-shaping. You can choose audio or video. You definitely want to go with the video, because so many of the talks are demonstrations or visually oriented.
  • The Village Church: Sermon Audio - If you forced me to choose, I would probably say that Matt Chandler is my favorite preacher.
  • Living Hope Church - I know it's self-serving, but check it out. It's too bad this one doesn't have a video option, because the pastor is a VERY handsome man. :-)
What are your favorites that you think I should give a listen?