Monday Morning Quarterbacking

I haven't done a MMQ update in a few weeks, but this was a really good weekend!
  • I got to go out Friday night with my best friend and beautiful bride. We've been dating a little more often recently and I'm loving it! Saw a movie and spent some time talking. She's an amazing woman and it's hard for me to imagine life w/o her. (By the way, we keep seeing Oscar-nominated movies, and if Slumdog Millionaire doesn't win best picture, there is no justice. SEE SLUMDOG IF YOU HAVEN'T. IT'S INCREDIBLE!)
  • We watched Mollie and Isaiah play their basketball games Saturday. They both did really well. So proud of their effort and hustle!
  • Saturday night we headed into San Francisco for the Chinese New Year Parade. I love this parade! It's colorful, loud, exotic, and lots of fun. Isla really got a kick out the dragons and the dancers and all the politicians driving by and waving. She really like waving back. She also liked the train ride into the city on BART. The whole family had a good time. If you live in or near the Bay Area and have never checked out this parade, do it sometime. It's really a neat experience. I'll post pics soon.
  • Sunday morning at Living Hope Church was truly unforgettable. I started a new series called They Like Jesus, But Not the Church. It's about dealing with the negative perceptions that non-believers have about the church. For the first week I interviewed my friend, Rich, who's an atheist. He did such a great job. I appreciated his honesty and we both had a good time. It was funny and insightful and hopefully impactful for people on both sides of the spectrum. The podcast is up, so take a listen when you get a chance.
  • I'm blown away at how our podcast increases our reach as a church. I've had many people commenting on yesterday's message from all across the nation. (So thankful for Harvey who tries really hard to get the message podcasted the same day!) It makes me want to start an internet campus! Definitely something to be praying about.
  • The Boicellis had us all over for lunch after church yesterday. They're such great hosts and the tri-tip was off the chain!! Got to feed my inner caveman.
  • It was good hanging out with Rich and Kelly a little longer yesterday afternoon, too. Love their family! Played a little Guitar Hero and had some good conversation. Thanks again, Rich, for all you did yesterday! It hit exactly the note I hoped it would. Since I got you "voice work" at my church, do you think you could get me "voice work" at Pixar?!

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