Welcome, Isla Kae Myers (pronounced eye-la)

Well, after 2 days of inducing labor, our little girl, Isla Kae Myers, was born today at 4:11 pm. She weighed a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. Jamie's doing great! Her drugs wore off about 15 minutes before Isla was born, so the last several pushes were really hard on her. We found the name, Isla, while we were in Scotland. A couple whose bed & breakfast we stayed at in Fort William had a little girl named Isla and we thought it was a beautiful name. Now we have a beautiful little girl to go with it! Thanks for your prayers everyone!


Allen Simpson said...

Welcome Isla, and congratulations to the Myers!

Now that the children outnumber the parents, WATCH OUT.

May God continue to bless you all.

Derbys said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful--I know that you were so ready for her to arrive. We have been praying for you and thinking of you often! We love you guys, the Derby clan

jacob riggs said...

congratulations jeff and family. great news!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jamie, Jeff, Mollie, and Isaiah and welcome to the world Isla. I'm happy to hear that baby and mom are doing good.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jeff,Jamie and Family,
Your Darling Isla is Beautiful, and We are so Thankful that She is Finally Here! WE Pray that God will Bless each of You Richly, and We are Thankful that Jamie can finally hold the Sweet baby she carried so long! We Love You!
Scott & Melissa

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our family, little miss Isla Kae, church family that is.
I have to tell you she smiled at me when I held her yesterday and it was not gas! She likes me all ready.
She is beautiful and I know Molly and Isaiah are going to be a great help with her.
love you all!
Karen Coffman

Michelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so happy for you. Jamie hope you're feeling better and will be back on your feet soon. Welcome baby Isla!

The Teegardens
Craig and Michelle :)