GEEZ Magazine Article

MarkO reported on his blog today that he discovered an interesting new magazing called GEEZ. GEEZ describes itself as having "set up camp in the outback of the spiritual commons. A bustling spot for the over-churched, out-churched, un-churched and maybe even the un-churchable. For wannabe contemplatives, front-line world-changers and restless cranks." While checking out their website, I read a fantastic article entitled "A Letter to Progressive Christians in the USA." It's too long to post here but definitely worth the read.

It deals with what I have been trying to tell people for a long time, but nobody seems to be listening. US Christians are moving in a dangerous direction by aligning ourselves with Washington so heavily. We are called to something higher. God is not red or blue. Jesus felt no need to address the politics of his day. He ministered faithfully in the context he was born into. In the end, it really doesn't matter whether or not you Senator or President or County Clerk is Christian or not (if they are, that's great - assuming they actually make policy according to their convictions). What really matters is what you are doing to influence your little part of the world for Christ. Anyway, this is a fantastic article written from an outside point-of-view (the author's Canadian). Check it out.


James said...

I could not agree with you more. Great find.

J. Jones said...

When Democrats start acting like Christians, and go against gays, and abortions, it might work that way. Until then Republicians are the ones to follow.

Jeff Myers said...

There are plenty of Democrats that aren't a part of the gay agenda or that aren't pro-choice. There are good Christian Dems out there that are moderate politically. You rarely hear about them because the media likes to paint in black and white, good vs. evil, red vs. blue. Your suggestion that "Republicans are the ones to follow" is exactly what's wrong with Christians in this country. I'm not anti-Republican. I often vote for Republican candidates. I am against Christians aligning themselves with a particular party and confusing that party's agenda with Scripture. JESUS is the one to follow - not Republicans or Democrats or Greens. We have been sucked into the world of politics to the point that we've lost our focus. And let me say this - the Republican Party is no more concerned about voting Christian values than the Democratic party is concerned about voting Black values. They are both just courting voters.

Jeff Myers

j. jones said...

Yes, I do agree with you on one thing. We must follow Jesus. We must vote how we think He would have us vote. As for me, and my house, we will follow the Lord.

The E.R. said...

With this point of view, then Christians have no right to complain about abortion - because if I understand your point correctly, politic's shouldn't matter to the Christian. When Christians vacate society, the Satan has room to move in. When Chrisitians vacate society, Christians become irrelevant in society.

I do understand and agree with your point about focusing on Christ and changing our "piece" of the world. I also agree to a point that Chrisitians can't get so involved in politics that we are influenced by politics (like Pat Robertson seems to have done).

I also agree that there are plenty of Democrats that aren't a part of the various liberal - super left agenda's - but they aren't in leadership rolls, and if Christians or those democrats that you speak of don't get involved, show support for the "RIGHT" (by right I mean the correct - not political persuasion, although...I'm Righter than the right, LOL), and make or change laws that keep this a Christian nation, then we simply can't complain when we end up a Godless nation.

Keep in mind, many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were Preachers (involved in Politics). It is not a bad thing for Christianity to have an influence on the political scene, in fact it is necessary to not be silent.

The E.R. said...

One more thought. You stated that you have been "trying to tell people for a long time but nobody seems to be listening."

Oh yes they are. Well, maybe not to you specifically - but I have found that as I have gotten MORE INVOLVED in politics - in my area - I stand alone among Chrisitians.

I will save the "why I think so" for my own blog later. :) Suffice it to say - I think a lot of Christians feel "burned" by the last election and the support of the Christian vote. Somewhere along the line - many have the feeling of being betrayed by this administration somehow. I don't necisarily feel that way. GW has been a fine President and I would hate to think where we would be after 9.11 had Al Gore won in 2000. People who are close to GW and write about it say that he is a man of strong Faith though not perfect. It was that faith that won him the election. Had Christians not gotten involved, Al Gore would have been our President in 2000...and well - I already said that.

The country is divided. If the Church has any relevance in this country and ultimately the world, political pacificism is no answer.

The E.R. said...

OK - not that I don't have anything better to do, so this is my 3rd and final comment on this unless someone replies.

I JUST read the article. The only thing I found impressive was the Mast-head that had a 3-D effect.

Of course he promotes political pacificism. He's from CANADA. LOL I coldn't even read past his 2nd point - because I couldn't see a point.

In America, God and Patriotism go hand in hand. Maybe you have to live here to understand that. He stated that it would be "BIZARRE" (his word not mine) to hear Canadians singing "God Bless Canada." First of all - it doesn't flow well, but secondly....We have something in America that Canadians don't have....fortitude for a patriotic spirit. Is that Spritiual or Christian - certainly. God tells us to Pray for our Governmental leadership. You don't pray for something or someone without developing a love for them or sincere concern for them.

This Country was built on Christian principals. It's founding fathers stated numerously the need for God in the political process this nation works through. It is because of our love for God that we love our country and we do - as well we should - involve ourselves in the inner workings of government. I beleive it is the REASON why we are the greatest Power in the World. We claim the God of Moses, Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac as our God In whom We Trust. In this political climate there are those enemies of God that would separate that message from our political process, government, monuments, courts and everywhere else Liberals have stripped our country of that God we serve and worship. If not Christians, then who would stand to protect us in the political arena of our rights that we Chrisitians now enjoy (but are in jeapardy of losing and have lost a few since the last election).

I am a conservative - but I'm not mad about it - although you might not be able to tell it from this comment....it's not written with an attitude - I promise. :)

Jeff Myers said...

Mr. E.R.:
Thanks for joining the conversation. I have been out of the state preaching a retreat or I would have responded sooner. It's obvious you're a passionate Republican and I won't try to change that. My only comment will be that I think we have got to stop throwing around the fact that "this is a Christian nation founded on Christian values". It's just not relevant or true anymore. Yes, we were founded on Christian values, but we are no longer a Christian nation. Until we drop that notion, come off the defensive, and start strategically ministering in the "non-Christian" setting in which God has planted us, we will continue to lose ground and face.

I am a strong supporter of Christians getting involved in politics and changing things from the inside. But the VAST majority of Christians (Republican Christians, in particular) have been fooled into believing that if they are outspoken about being polictally conservative, this will somehow change things. The average Christian needs to get back to reaching the world for Christ one soul at a time. Most of the type of people I'm speaking of are far more passionate about their politics than they are about reaching the lost. (I'm not directing that at you - I'm painting in broad strokes here.) God calls men and women into politics and we as pastors should encourage people in that direction more than we do. But we gotta keep the main thing the main thing.

The E.R. said...

I definately hear your heart and on that I agree. As Christians our priority is to Spread the Gospel.

Having attended our GOP meeting last night of which I only recently became involved, it is clear to me that Religion itself has blinded the minds of so many people. We had a very frank discussion on the involvement of Christians within the GOP. There is a desire on both sides of the issues to "distance" one from another. I, however am a proponent (call me a dinasauar if you will) that if Christians vacate the essential places where decisions affecting our country are made - then our Nation will become no different than any other - apathetic to the church and Christ.

If our being a Christian founded nation is "not true" (which it is according to history) or if it is "irrlevant" then it is irrelevant because the Church has become irrelevant. We are to be the light in the dark world. Politics can be a very dark place and there are those who claim to be "religious" that are wandering in the darkness of politics.

There was a time in recent history that I felt the church was irrelevant. I beleive that pendulem swung to a positive direction for a while and it is probably swinging back now with the apathy I see among Christian voters. If we choose the apathetic low road, be prepared for a Godless society.

Ultimately - the church is victorious. Our responsibility is to cast the Light of Christ in all areas, the four corners of the world as well as our Jerusalems and Samaria's.

More to your point - I think the delimma you and I both face is: We are Christians (particularly of the same denomination) and we have difficulty fitting in with either party. Light and Dark do not mix. But we are to be the Salt of the Earth...so whatever party you affiliate with - you and I are designed alike in our relationship with the Lord. Im inclined to think that Huckabee spoke to that specifically - I'll have to do some research.