Evan Almighty

I met the teens at the theater last night where we watched the new movie, Evan Almighty. I really enjoyed this movie! Alright...a lot of the jokes were corny, but still, I laughed out loud several times, was moved to a tear once or twice, and was even inspired.

I was wondering how they were going to pull off the whole flood thing since God did say he wouldn't flood the earth again. But they handled it very cleverly. And the special effects of the ark, flood, and animals were great! As I watched it I got a very real sense of how Noah must have felt being ridiculed for stepping out on faith the way he did. And I have to admit, there was a moment while watching it, that I felt God telling me He might have an ark for me to build.
Anyway, great movie! All the teens really enjoyed it and the parents that showed up enjoyed it too. Oh, and this was Baby Isla's first movie and she seemed to enjoy it as well. Of course, she spent most of the movie with a boob in her mouth so...

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