Spiderman 3

Spidey 3 was pretty good. I saw a midnight preview of it on Thursday night with my buddy Micah Derby (NOTE: If you're one of those people who thinks our missionaries shouldn't go to movies...I'm totally talking about a different Micah Derby.) I couldn't believe that the theater was packed at midnight on a Thursday night here in Lebanon. It was kinda cool to see. Overall, I thought it was good, but I do have some complaints.

It was definitely the weakest of the three movies. By the end of the movie, I was thinking that if Spidey cries one more time, I'm personally going to jump in to the screen and kick his butt. It was Spidey's time of the month or something. That said, it's still worth seeing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man. my name's jacob. I work at Randall House. I'm not important enough to go to vision retreats. that's why we don't know each other. i just cracked myself up.
spider man 3 left a lot to be desired. the dialogue was way cheesy. and for pete's sake, his name was changed to Spidey?
Stay tuned for SM4 when he joins up with the Wiggles.