Ark Almighty

Many of you have probably heard of the new movie coming this Summer, Evan Almighty. It's a sequel to the Jim Carrey film, Bruce Almighty. The film makers have teamed up with Youth Specialties to promote this film to churches. They intentionally hired a Christian director and avoided any sexual innuendo or rough language. They set up this web-based ministry called Ark Almighty. It's kind of a Christian Craig's List where people in your church and community can list needs and everybody also looks to see if they can help fill someone else's needs. On the Ark Almighty website there was a place to sign up to receive a free promotional kit.

Now usually when you get these promo kits, it's a large envelope or small box of junk that you may or may not use. I got my Ark Almighty kit yesterday and HOLY COW! The box was about the size of a guitar case! It included:

  • 4 tshirts

  • 4 baseball caps

  • 20 buttons

  • 200 bulletin inserts

  • 200 impact mailers

  • 1 instructional DVD

  • 1 four-week curriculum by YS - "Change the World...Every Chance We Get"

  • 1 book - Conspiracy of Kindness by Steve Sjogren

  • 1 3'x8' banner

All this was FREE! You're limited to one per church, but if you're a pastor or youth pastor, you should go register to get one of these kits. I've decided to take my teens through the curriculum this summer and include a weekly Random Act of Kindness Day where we'll serve the community in some way.

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Bill Reichart said...

My family and I saw the movie this past Tuesday and I posted my review and comments here on my blog:


I had some further thoughts about the marketing aspect of the movie, I would like to hear your opinion on that.