Idol Party

My youth group had an American Idol party at the pastor's house. We watched the whole 2-hr-long event, but they have Tivo so right at the beginning we paused it and ate for about 45 minutes before we started watching it. This made it kinda cool because once we started watching it we could fast-forward past all the commercials or any musical performances that bored us.

We got all the way to the end, Jordin and Blake are standing with Seacrest and he's getting ready to announce the winner. THE TIVO STOPPED!!! The whole room screamed and then moaned. We got to see everything except the big announcement! We had to get online to find out who won. Talk about anti-climactic!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the part about it being all your fault. Or so it would seem.

Jeff Myers said...

I'm assuming this cowardly anonymous post was put here by Jay Burns. It wasn't my fault! Blame it on FOX for going over their time. Besides if me Tivo-ing LOST caused this then it was worth it, as LOST is a far superior show.