Thoughts on Kool-Aid and Pics of Isla

We drank lots of Kool-Aid when we were kids. However, my family has never really kept it around that much - until recently. In an effort to save a little money on the grocery bill, we've started buying the cheap little Kool-Aid mix packets instead of the more expensive juices and sodas. But I think this seemingly brilliant plan has backfired in our faces, because the money we are saving on drinks is not nearly enough to make up for what our carpet cleaning bill is going to be from all the Kool-Aid spillage. Seriously, that stuff is brutal on a carpet (especially one that's almost white!). Any Kool-Aid-stained carpet cleaning tips out there?

Here are some more recent pics of little miss Isla:

Isla showing off her new running ability, new nightgown, and cool new goose-egg from her fight with the dining room chair (the chair won by split decision).

She loves talking on her new cell phone!

Isla getting a little "nakey-time" in the backyard.

This one is a blooper pic from Steph Riedel's photo session - CLASSIC!

This is Isla's daily Sesame Street time. She loves this show and as soon as the "Elmo's World" segment comes on she can't get her face close enough to the screen.


Dorthy said...

Beautiful. Intelligent. I sure do miss hugging her. Give her a kiss for all of us.

Mookie said...

"The chair won by a split decision"

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at my baby Isla. She is getting so big and I am sure she needed 'Aunt Karen' to kiss her boo-boo.
Tell Isaiah I loved his face paint.
Tell Mollie hello for me too.
Love you all!
Karen Coffman