Heat Wave

We're sitting on 107 degrees currently in Dixon, CA. It's pretty freakin' hot! Tomorrow is supposed to get to 110 or 113 depending on who you believe.

I know it's very cliche to say that "it's a dry heat", but it really is. Don't get me wrong, it's really hot. Small animals are exploding on our sidewalk. But it's nothing like 100 degrees in the midwest with 90% humidity. Here in Dixon, I can walk outside observe that it's hot and comment on it in a relatively casual way. In Lebanon, MO if it got this hot, I would walk outside, become immediately soaked from head to toe in every ounce of water my body contained, and then wake up some time later to snaps and smelling salts. Seriously, in Hell they say "It's hot as Missouri out there."

I love California.


Anonymous said...

I laughed at your Missouri line.

And that's how I felt about Vegas. I was there a few Julys back, and it got to similar temperatures to what you're having, and I was more or less fine with it, since it was dry. But when it gets that hot here? I curse this state's very name.

- Josh

Steph Riedel said...

hahaha love the line about animals exploding.....!!!!

It's THE HEAT !!!! hahahaha

Andy said...

dude...exploding animals. i need to be there. can you send me some pics of that? and seriously, it's ridiculous here in MO. it was seventy something the other day, and it felt like 107. hope you're doing well.

Mookie said...

I used to live in Turlock, CA, and it was nothing to see the mercury reading about 90 degrees at 10am, and yet, oddly comfortable. Back here in Iowa (that almost sounds like too hickish for starting a sentence...I should add more twang), with our superhigh humidity levels, temps in the 80s can be more unbearable....
As for exploding animals, I LOVE THOSE THINGS!! Although the heat on the asphalt in the direct sun melting your tires into the road slowing you from 15mph to 10mph in a matter of a few feet isn't cool when you're out of water and 20 blocks from home!