The One I Couldn't Shake - 7/22

1 Kings 12:13-14ish (MSG)
He [Rehoboam] spurned the counsel of the elders and went with the advice of the younger set...

King Solomon has died and his son, Rehoboam, is getting ready to take the throne. He's trying to decide how he will rule. Will he rule with compassion and an easier load than his father or will he be an even harder, more ruthless king? He ignores wise counsel and decides to follow the advice of young men. This decision results in the kingdom being split in two.

I try to bounce ideas off of people with more experience than I have. I firmly believe God can speak to me through those people. I don't want to ever assume I can make it through my life on my own power/knowledge. I just pray that God continues to send wise counselors my way!

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