The One I Couldn't Shake - 7/16

Today I was reading in 1 Kings 10-11 and in Proverbs 31. Solomon had become the greatest king Israel had ever known and had taken the country to its highest heights. He showed great wisdom and revered God. But later in his life he disobeys God and marries many foreign women and allowed them to bring in their false gods. He even allowed the women to influence him into building shrines to their gods. It cost him his legacy. God was going to give away the kingdom while it was under the rule of Solomon's son.

This reminded me of my first preaching class I took in college. The professor walked in on the first day of the semester, quietly went to the chalkboard and wrote two words - MONEY and WOMEN. He turned to the class and simply said, "Stay away from both of them. Class dismissed." By far, some of the best advice I've ever received!

But as I read Proverbs 31 this morning, too, I was reminded how thankful I am for Jamie. She's a wife I can brag about. She encourages me, cares for me, loves Jesus, is a great mother, a brilliant planner, a partner in ministry, and much more. I've known many guys who experienced failure because of their wives or other women in their lives. Jamie makes me a better man, a better father, and a better pastor.

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DeadMule said...

"The love of money is the root of all
evil." The love of women, on the other hand, puts you in contact with 51% of the population.

Keep your pants zipped, your hands to yourself and your mind off bedroom activity. Other than that, treat us pretty much like men, except keep your voice a bit lower.