Kindle Review

My mom called the other day asking if I knew anything about Amazon's Kindle device. She was considering forging into the futuristic world of e-books. It looks like a cool device, but seems a bit pricy to me. I was reading the one-star reviews on Amazon (which you should probably read, Mom) and came across this review from an unsatisfied customer. Funny stuff!

I used a highlighter on the screen to mark my favorite passage in the book, but all it did was muck up the screen. Now lines 3 through 17 are always highlighted. I mean, I like the book, but not enough to highlight the whole thing, am I right? I tried rinsing off the highlighter marks with some dish soap and a scrubbing sponge, but this just scratched the screen and blurred the highlighted section. My wife suggested using the dishwasher, so I put it on the top rack (I wouldn't put a $400 piece of equipment on the bottom rack, duh!).

I don't think the Kindle is dishwasher safe. All of my pages are smudged now and the forward and backward keys don't work. I've been reading the same passage for a few hours now, and let me tell you, it get's pretty boring.

I tried to connect wirelessly to Wikipedia to find out how to wash the screen but everytime I turn on the Kindle, it just beeps and shows me the same page of the same book. I tried plugging it in to the socket because I thought it had a low battery, but I misplaced the charger. I rigged up a coat hanger and some wires though. It seems to work, because now the Kindle is getting very warm.

I hope it works when I get back from the store!

- Matthew J. Mahoney of Cleveland -

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