Happy Birthday, Me!

Well, I turned 36 today. That sounds much older than 35. But I had a great day. Jamie, the kids, and I drove over to the East Bay this afternoon to El Cerrito to the Cerrito Theatre. It's an old theatre that's been remodeled and is a lot of fun. The seating is all couches and cushy chairs. You can actually have a meal served to you while you watch the show. Normally kids aren't allowed because they serve alcohol, but they do let kids in for special Saturday matinees. Today they showed Happy Feet. I hadn't seen it before and it was really great. The kids loved the theatre. After that we went to Zachary's Chicago-style Pizza in Berkeley. Probably the best Chicago-style pizza outside of Chicago! Needless to say, today was definitely a "cheat day" on my diet.

I also made out like a bandit gift-wise. Great books and great music! I got these books:
  • The Jesus Way - Eugene Peterson
  • Brothers, We Are Not Professionals - John Piper
  • Solving Marriage Problems - Jay Adams
  • Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage in the Bible - Jay Adams
  • Beyond Good & Evil - Friederich Nietzsche
  • Selected Poems - Robert Burns

...and this CD:

  • The I Heart Revolution - Hillsong United

I LOVED spending the day with the family. Life is good!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. Bekah and I can't wait to see you guys.


Java Mom said...

Happy Birthday !!!! Sounds like you had a great day !!!

We love those pizzas also !!!