Spring Break & Easter

What a great weekend! We had a fun Easter Sunday. I was so proud of Living Hope. They did a tremendous job inviting their friends and family members. We had so many people in church that hadn't darkened the door of a church in many years. I'm confident God moved and will continue to. We also set a new LHC record - 184!

Mollie and Isaiah are on spring break this week, too. Since Monday is my day off, we all headed to the beach. It was a perfect day! Clear skies, warm temps, my favorite people in the world, KFOG music, and a beach with a Taco Bell. About a year ago I saw a Travel Channel special on the Top 10 fast food locations in the world. There were some pretty interesting ones, but #1 was a Taco Bell right on the beach in Pacifica, CA. It's a beautiful thing to behold. It literally sits 30-40 yards from the water and has a walk-up window on the backside you can access from the beach. It was about an hour and a half from us in Dixon. We had a blast!


julie w said...

I am so jealous! A beach an hour and a half away! You are so blessed! I prayed that God would send us close to a beach, when Joe took his first pastorate! I guess I needed to be more specific- since He sent us close to Osage Beach! Let me tell you- I am more specific in my praying now! ha!
Please tell the family Hi for us! WE love and miss you all!
I am glad things are going so well for you!
Take care!

BRE BRE said...

OMG I told Mollie's friend Mackenzie that she got to go to the beach all day. It got her jealous.

Java Mom said...

WOW...I MUST go to this beach ASAP....a beach and a Taco Bell all together ???? AMAZING !!!!

Looks like you had a blast !!!

p.s. rob and I were fogheads for a long long time in the Bay Area....have you ever been to the fireworks show they put onto music ? It's ROCKIN and I think it happens in May...ROAD TRIP !!!