The Skinny on Dixon

I found this great website called http://www.zipskinny.com/. You enter your zip code and it gives you all the demographic stats for your area (education, ocupation, marriage, race, income, age, etc...). Here's Dixon's.

There's more info on the website, but this is a visual synopsis. This chart compares the 95620 zip code (Dixon, CA) with the state of CA and the overall US stats. Some points I found interesting:
- The marriage rate is higher and divorce rate lower in Dixon than CA or US.
- Dixon has a lower poverty level.
- The percentage of Hispanic population is considerably higher in Dixon than CA or US.
- Dixon has a higher percentage of kids/teens than CA or US.

I just found this a little interesting. I love looking at demographics. They can be helpful in gaging areas of need in ministry.

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