Leading Leaders

Last night I had the opportunity to meet with my ministry staff, which consists of a Worship Minister and Youth Minister. Out of everything I do as a pastor, this is my favorite. I really love leading leaders. On the flip side, I also love being led by great leaders. I love sharing resources, setting goals, dreaming, stretching each other...all of it.

There's nothing more exciting to me than seeing someone become a better leader. Especially if you were able to contribute to it in some way. I really love it when I can recognize leadership potential in someone, when they can't yet see it in themselves. When you can get that person to stretch and step outside of his/her comfort zone - it's incredible. The look of surprise that they're doing something that they didn't know they could do is great.

I've said it before, but I just can't emphasize enough how important reading is to leading. With the right books, you can stretch yourself and help yourself grow in amazing ways. I've found, too, that there are great blogs out there that are helping me in areas of leadership, too. Blogs are great for that because they're free and bite-sized. It's a great time in history to be alive. The access to great minds and great information is amazing.

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