OK, I'm a bit unsettled. Jamie and I were just over at the outlet mall buying shoes (for me, not her). As we were getting Isla back into our car, a man in the next car called out and commented that we "must be proud grandparents"! YOU'VE GOTTA BE FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!!!


Java Mom said...

I would of actually guessed more like great grand parents......LOL JK

Glad your family make it safe !!! I saw your wife in Wal Mart yesterday !!


julie w said...

No matter how many times you have teased me about being so much older than you- I have NEVER been called Klaire's grandma! ha! ha!
Welcome to California! ha! ha!
Give you family hugs for us!

Java Mom said...

Jeff....Hope you know I was kidding....My sense of humor might take some getting used to.....


Jeff Myers said...

Steph - I absolutely know you're kidding. Expect to get it back from me occasionally, too!

Bruce said...

Geez, and I was hoping we'd get a younger pastor, not somebody that could be called 'gramps'!!

Welcome to middle age, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I cannot tell you how many times that happened to us with Josh. People would say "Oh, you're buying your grandson a toy" or clothes, etc. I finally got to the point I would just say "Yes, I am." It just wasn't worth the effort.

Katy said...

welcome to my parents' life, Jeff.

Anonymous said...

Now thats funny :)
Al Runge