What I'm Currently Listening To

Los Lonely Boys - Sacred
I'm really loving these guys right now. I'm really diggin' the whole Texican thing.
David Crowder Band - A Collision & B Collision
By far, my current favorite band. I like just about everything these guys put out and they are incredible live. B Collision is a remix of some of the stuff on A Collision, but some of it's much better than it's predecessor.
Prince - 3121
I've always been a big fan of Prince. I think he's somewhat of a musical genius. I love this new CD! It feels very much like his old stuff except without all the sexual innuendo. He's really cleaned his lifestyle up and his music reflects it. Several songs encouraging chastity, faithfulness, and relationship with God. Definitely worth checking out.
Eleventy Seven - And the Land of Fake Believe
This is just a fun new CD. These guys are a young Christian punk band and they have a great sound.

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