Wassup, My N-Words?

I saw a program the other day that basically talked about how desensitized the American people are to profanity or lewd talk. In their arguement they stated what they called "the two dirtiest words in the English language" are currently. One I won't say, but the other was "nigger". By the way the first one was not the f-word.

I have to admit that I absolutely hate the word "nigger" (unless used by Chris Rock). Jamie and I work pretty hard to make sure our kids do not grow up around racial slurs or ignorant talk when it comes to race. Moving into small-town life last year has made this more challenging, but we do our best. However, I guess I had never thought of that word as the dirtiest word. It's definitely ugly and very-potentially hurtful, but it had never made my inner list of "dirtiest" words. But I have to say it makes sense to me. I have a harder time saying that word outloud than just about any other word in the English language.

Anyway, let me know what your thoughts are on this (make sure to include your name so we can all tell who the real racists are - teehee). I'm also interested in starting a kind of online discussion via my blog regarding the topic of profanity. What words are profane in 21st Century America? Is there even such a thing as profanity anymore? When the Bible talks about unwholesome talk is it speaking of "cuss" words? Etc... I'll post more about this in the near future, but if you have any thoughts feel free to share!

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