I'm so stoked right now. Jamie and I were in a local antique shop called Heartland Antiques last night. It's a truly great antique shop and very large (Exit 127 off of I-44, next to the Russell Stover Candy Shop). Anyway, we were walking through and browsing when I said to Jamie, "If I ever found one of those ceramic kangaroos that Bruce Willis hung his watch on in Pulp Fiction, I'd buy it in a heartbeat." Ten minutes later, I actually saw one and for $15 it was mine. We couldn't believe it! Here's a pic of the one in the movie.

I got home and did a little research and found that they were all made in 1956 here in the US(they're marked that way on the back), so they're 50 years old this year. Evidently they're relatively hard to find anymore. They are actually personal valets for you to put your wallet, keys, change, jewelry on. I found some guy who ran a Pulp Fiction fansite. He was able to track down a small quantity of them and was selling them for $85 each. However, it looks like you can get one on eBay for closer to what I payed.

Anyway, probably not a big deal to anyone else, but Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies and it's kind a cool to own a little piece of it. Here's a pic of mine.

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