War is Hell

All the recent events surrounding Israel are upsetting to me. Not to mention our own involvement in Iraq, stuff going on in the Congo, train bombs in India, missiles flying out of North Korea, etc... I'm really tired of and sickened by war. I'm especially tired of Christians who believe war is somehow sanctioned by God and righteous. Yes, you will find war in the Bible, yes, there have been necessary wars throughout history, but enough is enough.

There is nothing holy or righteous (or even patriotic) about war. Thousands of innocent people die every year for no good reason, entire civilizations are held back from what should be a natural cultural progression. The Middle East is never going to be peaceful. And if there is ever a peace, it won't be brokered by the people they primarily view as infidels. The entire Western world needs to wash their hands of the Middle East and let them experience the natural results of their history. Stop arming nations over there, because 10-20 years later the nation you armed has become your enemy. Stop buying/selling anything from/to them and let them hit rock bottom. Evidently their "rock bottom" is way lower than the rest of the world's.

The US needs to limit its military involvement to national "defense" and helping the truly helpless (situations like Rwanda and other places in Africa).

Christians need to sincerely pray for peace! Praying for the safety of US troops is not the same as praying for peace. We need to pray that God would intervene and end these wars, we need to ask how God could use us to end these wars, we need to pray for the salvation and safety of all troops, civilians, and even terrorists. Maybe we need to physically stand in the bullet path to save people and show them what Christian love is all about. We need to vote for leaders who are committed to peace - not weak leaders, but wise, peaceful leaders.

I know times have changed and this terrorist threat is difficult to combat, but I'm tired of seeing people die senselessly.

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