Bounty Hunter Evangelism

I just finished watching 4 hours of one of my favorite shows, Dog: The Bounty Hunter. If you have never watched, you really need to. Dog plays on the A&E Network. He and his crew go around catching fugitives with warrants for the reward. He's all hard-core when it comes to the chase, but after he catches his man (or woman) he turns into this super nice guy and encourages them to staighten out their lives or tells them about Jesus. He's also a good family man. I have to admit, I really like the idea of putting a boot some dude's back, macing him, cuffing him, and them sharing the gospel with him. I think some people need that kind of treatment. I'm going to go ahead and state for the record that if God would like to call me to this sort of ministry, I would probably resign being a youth pastor 3 seconds later (only because I would need time to pray about it).

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Michael Ent said...

OK, I liked DTBH too and admired him in many ways, until I realized he lived in Hawaii. I love Hawaii. It's a great place to visit. But if I was a criminal, I would not live there. It is an island. Bad guys only have so many places to hide. Dawg's seek and destroy skills can't be that amazing. His criminals live on an island and are too stupid to leave.

The admirable factor is in his ability to provide quality enteratinment week after week. It all adds up to a cool show because he always cathces his man (or woman).