Spiritual Exhaustion

I'm in a really strange place right now. I have just experienced 4 or 5 "mountain-top" experiences right in a row. It started with a great mission trip to Mexico, followed by a really nice teen service at the Missouri State Association of Free Will Baptists Convention (that one was seriously unexpected), next was one of the most phenomenal weeks of teen camp that I've ever experienced, and finally our Sunday worship service this last Sunday marked the end of a serious spiritual dry spell for our church.

Quite frankly, all of these great experiences have left me a bit breathless and spiritually and emotionally exhausted. Last Thursday at camp I cried so hard at the altar that I had to clean snot off of my glasses. I still don't know how it worked its way up my face to my glasses!

Anyway, God is really moving with our teens and church right now and I'm very thankful! I hope we can keep things rolling like this into Fall and see some big growth (spiritual and numeric) in the youth group.

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