Back in Lebanon, USA

Well, we made it back from our Mexico Mission Trip last night. It was a truly great trip! It was honestly everything I had hoped it would be. Safe, no van problems, no border issues, made lots of new Mexican friends, saw a lot of spiritual growth in my teens, etc...

Unfortunately, I left my camera at the church we stayed at in Plano, TX. It should be here soon, though. I'll post some pics and some of my journal entries when it arrives in a day or two.

I've been to Mexico before, but this trip was quite a bit different. I was surprised about how discouraged the Mexican pastors were that I spoke with. There's a feeling of "loneliness" that comes with being a pastor and apparently it knows no borders. The interesting thing was that they were dealing with the same problems that many US pastors deal with. Quarreling in the church, pastors with marital infidelity, how to reach young adults, difficulties in being a bi-vocational pastor, etc... My heart broke for the pastors I met on this trip, not because of their cultural differences, but because I completely identified with many of their struggles. Pastoring is an emotional roller coaster no matter where you are. But like I always say, "A bad day of pastoring is still better that a good day in the factory." (However, one pastor I met, Eric, was a full-time volunteer pastor and worked full-time in a factory.)

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