Tithing is an unnecessarily controversial topic. If you don't know, tithing is a Biblical concept of giving 10% to God. Some people don't like talking about money so they get all offended when a pastor does. But as I remind Living Hope often, tithing is NOT about money. It's about faith. Hebrews 11:4 says "By faith Abel offered to God a more acceptable sacrifice than Cain." It wasn't the gift, it was the faith required to give the gift.

When we tithe:
  • our faith increases.
  • we care more about the Kingdom, because we've invested in it.
  • we are exercising a muscle that most of don't exercise enough -- generosity.
  • we communicate to God that He is a priority in our lives.
  • the Kingdom advances.
  • the church can grow.
  • missionaries can be sent.
  • the hungry can be fed.
  • the "least of these" of the world are served.
Today I was sharing some of my life goals with my 11-yr-old son, Isaiah. I told him that one of my goals was to eventually become a reverse tither (give God 90% and live off of 10%). He got this shocked/scared look on his face and said, "Is that going to be just for you or does the whole family have to do that?" I didn't think Jamie would ever stop laughing. Gotta love the honesty!

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