Recent Random Reflections

A few thoughts/updates from the last several days:
  • We held our first annual leadership retreat for Living Hope Church this weekend. It was great! I loved the interaction. Loved the opportunity to do some leader training. Loved the location (Occidental, CA). I love the leaders we've been blessed with and if we can accomplish even a quarter of the things we discussed this weekend, we're going to be one heckuva church!
  • Phil Lockwood led us in a concert of prayer to kick off the retreat on Friday night. The first part of it was about 15 minutes of us vocalizing 1-sentence prayers just loving on God saying our favorite attributes of His. I don't know any other way to describe it, but God immediately entered that room and I was weeping like a baby. It was really a powerful moment!
  • Of all God's creations, the coast redwood is my favorite!
  • Jamie turned 38 yesterday, so for the next 3 months she's a cradle-robber.
  • We welcomed two new Living Hope babies into the world this last week! Love that "natural" church growth!
  • Great worship service this morning. That song "Mighty to Save" slays me every time!
  • Borrowed from Ron Hunter's book, Toy Box Leadership, and taught lessons on leadership by using a slinky dog and a weeble. Awesome!
  • Learned that the weebles I played with as a kid are considered dangerous and they don't make them anymore. So I got on eBay and purchased a vintage Goofy weeble for $5. (Kinda makes me want to start collecting them!)
  • The final season of LOST starts Tuesday. So excited!
  • Mollie becomes a teenager on Saturday. So not excited.

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Jamie said...

Oh no!! Not another collection...