Christian Generosity

I've been blown away by the generosity that many Christians and churches have shown toward the people in Haiti. This is a beautiful example of the church being the church. I've also been equally blown away by the number of Christians I see posting ignorant, close-minded, and hateful things online expressing disapproval of giving money to Haiti when we have people in need in our own communities. People who do this unknowingly reveal way too much about themselves. I know people well enough to know that those who gripe the loudest are the ones who never do, never give, and never listen. In most cases, those who have responded to the Holy Spirit's leading to give to the Haitians, are the same ones who also respond when the Holy Spirit leads them to give to people in their community or their local church.

Which has brought me to respond to the following gripes (Caution: Heavy Sarcasm Zone):
  • We shouldn't be giving to Haiti when we have people foreclosing on homes right next door! --- Yes, you're probably right. Even though millions of people in Haiti just had their homes and the few possessions they owned reduced to a literal pile of dust, it's much sadder that my neighbor has to downgrade from a 5 bed/3 bath/3 car garage home with A/C, satellite TV, a hot tub, and a pool, to a 3 bed/1 bath/2 car garage home with A/C and satellite TV.
  • It makes me mad that my tax dollars are going to help people in foreign countries! --- Me too! Please stop this insanity and resume spending my tax dollars on abortions and offensive "art" and war and congressional slush funds and...
  • Why would you want to adopt an orphan from Haiti when we have orphans right here in the U.S.? --- Oh yeah, we should all love on orphans the way you're currently doing it. Oh wait, I forgot, you don't give a CRAP about orphans! You just enjoy sounding intelligent and topical at their expense!
This is the bottom line. If you barely give 1% of your income to anything other than yourself, you haven't earned the right to have an opinion so keep your selfish, foolish mouth shut! If you haven't reached out to orphans here or in other countries, your heart is evil if you criticize those who do! People who sit back and criticize those who are ACTUALLY doing God's work when they are doing NOTHING themselves are pathetic and lead by Satan instead of the Holy Spirit.

For those of you who are actually responding to God's leading and helping those in need, both here and abroad--don't let ignorant people deter you from serving God.

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