Manchester Orchestra: Mean Everything to Nothing

Okay, you all know I like discovering new talent when it comes to music. These guys aren't exactly brand new, but they're new to me. Manchester Orchestra is a band that deserves a listen if you haven't yet. I actually heard about them for the first time in (of all places) a John Maxwell leadership book I've been reading. Turns out that they're not only an amazing band, but front-man Andy Hull is turning the music industry on its ear in some innovative ways as well.

I just downloaded their new album, Mean Everything to Nothing. It's great. Scratch that, it's perfect. It's the first perfect album I've heard in a few years. Andy is a pastor's kid and the music is full of spiritual imagery. It's not necessarily a "Christian" album. There are some language issues (if you're easily offended by that sort of thing). But the lyrics are thoughtful and soul-searching. It's their sophomore release. Check 'em out below rocking Letterman's face off! And, seriously, go get this album!

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