Amos 6-9

Wow, God is pretty mad! As I was reading this today, I was reminded that while we are living in a period where God is drawing his people to himself and is abundant in grace and mercy, there will be a day when God will say, "Enough!" On that day, He'll judge harshly those who ignored or didn't take seriously his grace/mercy. This is why it's so important to share Jesus with everyone around us. We can't just keep it to ourselves.

One verse I loved today was Amos 6:8 which starts out with "The Lord God has sworn by himself.." When we swear (which we shouldn't do), we say, "I swear to God!" God has no one higher to swear by, so he just swears to himself. Awesome!

Amos 9:11 is quoted in Acts 15:16 when a special council is called in Jerusalem (aka - The Jerusalem Council) to discuss whether or not the Gentile converts are to abide by some of the old Jewish traditions/laws. James, the brother of Jesus, reminds everyone that Amos prophecied long ago that when God "restores the house of David" the Gentiles would be included in that restoration. (Lucky for us!)

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Mookie said...

The big question I have here is, does the Lord take his own name in vain, or does he just pick out one of us?