Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

I've always been a big fan of the Green Day sound. It rocks, it's melodic, it's just fun music. I realize not all of their lyrics are particularly edifying, but you can't deny their talent. I loved the American Idiot album. Seriously, I'd say it's probably one of the greatest albums of all time. Their new one, 21st Century Breakdown, is not quite as good, but pretty close. It's similar to American Idiot in that it's written as a sort of rock opera. 

21st Century Breakdown is 18 tracks written in 3 movements (Heroes and Cons, Charlatans and Saints, and Horseshoes and Hand Grenades). I believe I like the second movement the best, even though lyrically it's a pretty strong judgment of "Christians". Lyrically, this album along with American Idiot are some of the best social commentary around. They're not writing songs so much to sell albums as preach a message. You may not agree with a message that calls into question the integrity of our government and the hypocrisy of religion, but the songs are thoughtful and a good look into the mind of the majority of the young adults of the world.

This really is a great album. I wish I could give it a hearty recommendation, but there are just too many f-bombs for me to do that. There are about 4 songs where the profanity is just too much. So I'd say, buyer beware or try to find a radio edit version.

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Anonymous said...

what gave it away?....Was it the "Parental Advirory" label on the front? lol Sorry, just couldnt resist. Yep, it's hard not to like their stuff.