Sunshine Cleaning

Jamie and I took a trip the Varsity Theatre in Davis last night and saw Sunshine Cleaning with Amy Adams (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses). I really liked this movie. It's the story of a couple of sisters who go into the business of crime scene clean-up. Basically it's a chick-flick with a lot of blood. It's a sad but quirky comedy that's in the same vein as Little Miss Sunshine (same producers).

Sunshine Cleaning also is the story of a family's long-time struggle of coping with the suicide of their mother/wife. It really struck me how utterly meaningless suicide is and how huge of an impact it makes on the ones left behind. I've never really understood the suicide mentality. I've been through some dark periods in my life, and maybe the thought crossed my mind once or twice, but never seriously. I think it probably boils down to hope. I've always had at least a little hope. But sometimes the only hope I've had is hope in and because of Jesus.

I'm excited about our Easter service. We're going to be exploring this whole theme of hope. Oh, by the way, our worship team is going to do a new U2 song in our Easter service! Can't wait!

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