Easter Sunday @ LHC

What an amazing day today! I can't tell you how much I love Easter! The energy is always electric and it's an incredible opportunity to share the simple truth of the gospel.

The day started with a 6:30 am community sunrise service. I was invited to preach for it this year and it was a good time. Probably 60 or so in attendance. All the other pastors in the community participate as well. I like starting off such a powerful day unified with other believers in our community.

Living Hope's service was a serious home-run this morning!
  •  1 lady entered into a relationship with Jesus for the first time today!!!!! That will never get old!
  • We had 181 in attendance (a great crowd for our church)!
  • The worship band was off the hook today! They seriously sounded better than ever. They opened up our service with U2's new song "Magnificent" and it gave me chills. They rocked it out. All the other music was amazing, too. I especially loved the real bluesy version of "My Redeemer Lives"! At the end of the service I told them they officially earned the name "Rob Riedel & The World's Most Dangerous Worship Band." Seriously, guys, thanks for making our service so special!
  • I had a really good time with my sermon, too. Told everyone that the most amazing thing about the resurrection is that it turns Satan into skinny punk! He has no power over us unless we give it to him!
  • After the service we had a surprise egg hunt for the kids. They loved it! We surprised two lucky kids with new iPods, too. I wish you could have seen the look on their faces. It was like they woke up and realized that somehow it was Christmas morning. I love seeing kids have fun at church!!!
After service we had a serious feast at the Boicelli's home. Enjoyed good company, good golf, great food (Colette made a broccoli salad that was worth killing for!).

Just finished a great nap! Now to start thinking about next weekend when we start our new Saturday night service!

(Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points, but it was that kind of day.)

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