Pray for My Dad

I got news a little while ago that my Dad had a heart attack several hours ago. He was on his way to a job site and felt symptoms and decided to change directions and go to the hospital. He had the heart attack at the hospital and they operated pretty quickly. Turns out it wasn't a blockage, but a blood clot. They did an angioplasty and put another stint in (he had an angioplasty about 12 years ago). The doctor said that if he hadn't come to the hospital as soon as he did, he most likely would have died from the blood clot. He's doing fine now.

This is one of disadvantages of living long distances from family. My Mom is obviously upset and I'd like to be with them both, but since he's OK it's hard to justify the expensive plane tickets. However, I thank God for Jamie and the kids, and my Living Hope family to lean on.

God is good - All the time!

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DeadMule said...

Jeff, Your father will be in my prayers. And so will you. It is hard to be far from family when things like this happen. I'm 1000 miles from my family, so I know. Best, Helen Losse