Hiking the Rubicon

I had a great Sabbath day yesterday. Used it to take Mollie and Isaiah up into the Sierras hiking. We hiked along the Rubicon River near Georgetown. The hike is about 2 miles uphill along the mountain ridge followed by about a half mile downhill to the river. The boulders in the river form a great natural swimming hole and we had fun cooling off (the water was ice cold). We then hiked about a quarter mile up a side stream to another great location with an awesome three-tiered waterfall. The whole area is absolutely stunning. It was hard hiking in the river though. The river bed is nothing but large moss-covered stones so it was hard to get good footing. We all had our share of spills and turned ankles.

I had the kids bring their Bibles and we spent some time in the Word together. We read one of my favorite passages - Job 28. It was a really sweet time together and we had the whole wilderness to ourselves. I love creating memories with my kids!


Dorthy said...

Glad you had an awesome. I'm glad you spend time with the kids. We enjoyed spending a few days with all of you. Kiss Isla for us.

Dorthy said...

How about "Glad you had an awesome time."

Anonymous said...

Now that I could have done & really enjoyed rather than the rapids. Looks like a beautiful place & that you guys had a wonderful time. Definitely great memories for Mollie & Isaiah and of course you. Great job, Jeff! Mom