Men In Trees

Please pray for me this weekend. I've been invited back to the Bay Hills Community Church in the SF Bay Area to be the guest speaker for their annual men's retreat. I'm honored to be there and I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends. We'll be at a retreat center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It's so beautiful there! I can't wait. But I have to get up at 4am to get to my flight in St. Louis on time.

Please pray for Jamie she'll have all 3 kids to herself this weekend (and the baby's sick). I know it's no fun to wrangle the kids with no help, but she's more than capable.


Marlene said...

Jamie's a trooper! Being her normal "all irons in the fire" she called last night & wanted to know if she could cook or bring anything for Thanksgiving dinner. Besides, Isla has an older sister & brother who are of great help, but rest up on this "retreat" Wise One, because payback is coming once you're back home. See ya soon, Your Mom

Anonymous said...

Until I read the top part and realized Marlene wrote it, I thought that last comment ended in an insult instead of a salutation.