The Air Car

I LOVE THIS!!! I can't wait till this technology is available stateside. Last night I caught a glimpse of a report about a new car that's powered on compressed air. I looked it up tonight and sure enough it's true. This is far superior to electric car technology because the engine is extremely light-weight, it will travel long distances on a single fill, and will also run about 70 mph (most electric cars are only 30-35 mph). Oh yeah, and it's cheap too. Around $15k. I found this Australian video on YouTube about the MDI Air Car. It's really fascinating. The second half is about a different compressed air engine but it's pretty cool too. This looks like the future to me!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Seems very encouraging.


Anonymous said...


Can't wait to see if it meets with any commercial success. I do fear that oil companies will provide plenty of resistance to the technology though.


Jay said...

Two things.

1. Safety standards in the U.S. would have to be lessened in order to use aluminum in a vehicle. You would get squashed if you got hit. But I'm okay with that. I don't think the governement should be telling me that I'm too stupid to know what is good for me. ie.. helmet law... seatbelt law. Now that being said, I use them. I just don't believe any government has the right to intrude in that area.

2. C'mon, enough with the oil company conspiracy theory. This country works pretty simply on supply and demand. Yes, I've seen the "Who killed the Electric Car" documentry. But if the car company would have made tons of money on the project they would have sold them. And if you think that there are tons of people just waiting to buy them. Then you should begin to build/sell them. You'll be rich.

Alright, nuff of my soap box. Have a great day.