How Long...?

I just finished watching U2's Vertigo Tour: Live from Chicago (recorded in '05) on the HDNet Channel. What an incredible show! I've always been a fan of U2. They are such a powerful band. I love the spirituality that comes out in their lyrics. They closed this show with their song "40". I have to say I was seriously moved by it. I was moved by the lyrics (which come from Psalm 40 and other Biblical texts). I was moved by the worshipful atmosphere they chose to end their concert with. I was moved by such a large number of people crying out "How long - to sing this song?" What a reminder that someday we WILL sing a new song! How much longer must we continue to sing imperfect, inadequate praise? I think I might add this song to our worship line-up at church. I found the clip on YouTube - ENJOY!

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jacob said...

my friends have been telling me for years to get into U2. i recently have, and i have not been disappointed. such great stuff. L8r.