Today's Great Quotes

I love coming across great quotes. They're like little nuggets of spiritual manna that God just drops in your mouth. It's awesome to savor them for a while. I heard two great ones today.

Mark Batterson, Pastor of National Community Church in Washington DC
Mark was preaching on sex. His sermon was titled "The Sexy Elephant" (Great title! I'll let you check out his sermon series to discover why he gave it that title.) His blog is www.evotional.com and church website is www.theaterchurch.com. The quote was something to the effect of:
"Before you're married, Satan spends a huge amount of time trying to get you to have sex with your girlfriend. After you're married, he spends a huge amount of time trying to keep you from having sex with your wife."

Dan Kimball, Pastor of Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, CA
Dan's sermon title was "Don't Close Your Mind - Be a Theologian". His blog is www.dankimball.com/vintage_faith/ and his church site is www.vintagechurch.org.
"Give a man (or woman) a sermon and you feed them for a day. Teach a man (or woman) to study Scripture on their own and you feed them for a lifetime."

Amen! (Two times)

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The E.R. said...

Awww man!!! I wish I had read this before I created my blog. I would have used that. The Sexy Elephant. LOL

I'm a FWB Pastor in Waldorf, MD 20 miles south of DC.

I think I saw you on Ron Hunter's blogroll.

Nice meeting you
Mike Phillips