Check out http://www.junkycarclub.com/. This is a new thing from the guys that brought us xxxchurch.com. They are challenging the masses to give up their sweet rides with big car payments and settle for a paid-off ride that might be junky. Why? They want us to live with less so we can give more. Sacrifice some bells and whistles and sponsor a child instead - that sort of thing. Great stuff.

I knew there was a really spiritual reason that I drive around the piece of crap that is the Jeffmobile ('95 Chevy Corsica - 180k miles - paid off).


jacob said...

97 Ford Taurus baby! 173K

Joshua said...

My 98 Sentra is approaching 180 K. If history can be trusted, I should have another 100 K to go before I leave it on the side of the road and start hitchin'.

And I have always assumed that's why you had the Corsica. I mean, there really is no other explanation.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all so worldly!!! Suck on my 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis. Three dents and counting! If junkiness is next to godliness, then thou shall bow down to me!

All joking aside, I really do enjoy going against the societal grain. Who knew you could sin by being prideful about driving the biggest hoopty on the block.