Catalyst and Foreskin's Lament

To follow up on my last email, Catalyst was truly an epic experience for me. I heard more great speakers on the final day, had the greatest worship experience of my life, and really had God speak to me. I've never been to a conference where every single speaker just hit it out of the park and cut right to my heart. I just felt emotionally exhausted and spiritually alive and refreshed at the same time.

By far my favorite speaker was Francis Chan from Simi Valley, CA. He is a truly gifted preacher. Check out his church's website here: Cornerstone Church. You can watch and/or listen to his sermons online.

Chris Seay played this video at the beginning of his message and it just cracked me up. It's a promotional video for a book called "Foreskin's Lament". It's a memoir of a young orthodox Jew and his personal struggles with his spiritual upbringing. Funny stuff. It's just a great reminder that we don't all have the same spiritual upbringing. Somewhere beyond our white, Christian, heterosexual, suburban life, there are always people who see God from a different perspective (and we rarely consider them).

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