Sickness and Suffering`

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I've been laid up sick since Sunday. I still feel like crap, but that's actually a step up from feeling like death. Hopefully tomorrow I'll just feel awful.

I've listened to several sermons while I've been recovering. The whole podcast thing is one of my favorite pieces of new technology in a long time. It's really awesome that I can listen to sermons from pulpits all over the world every week (totally free). Used to, a pastor did all the feeding and was never able to be fed himself. This has totally changed. I'm listening to 5-10 sermons every week from some of the best preachers in the nation. It's like I have several online mentors, or pastors, that keep me fed, refreshed, motivated, and challenged. My favorites are Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Seattle, Mark Batterson at National Community Church, Rob Bell at Mars Hill Michigan, Francis Chan at Cornerstone Community Church, David Fasold at Bay Hills Community Church, Matt Chandler at the Village Church, and Andy Stanley at North Point Church. Just download iTunes and search for them in the iTunes store.

Several sermons I listened to this week were about suffering. How we can know that when we're going through suffering, God works all things together for our good. Even in the worst times, God is shaping us and making us into the image of Himself. There was much more, but it's all been very encouraging (in a dark sort of way). It's not a matter of "if" we go through suffering, but "when", and when we do, how we will respond.

I'm always a little worried when several sermons or messages of other types come together in my life with the same message. Usually God is preparing me for something. Then again maybe He's explaining situations I've been through all ready.


Joe Wilson said...

Okay - now my feelings are hurt - I didn't even make your list! As for the suffering - it's just my opinion but I think we have been in the suffering.


Jeff Myers said...

Joe - I was only listing those with podcasts. Of course, you'd be in the list if you could get your Mac to do all the things you think it can do.