Panama Update

Just a quick update. Sunday's flights had to be rerouted due to weather in Atlanta. This caused us to run late so our luggage didn't make it to Panama. I had 1 shirt and 1 pair of underwear in my carry-on. We were hoping for our luggage to arrive last night, but it didn't. Many of our supplies for projects we were going to work on were in our luggage so now we're doing some serious improvising! All in all everyone's in good spirits. Unfortunately, I traveled in jeans. I may end up cutting them up for some relief from the heat. Pray for all of us - we're going to need it. Everyday without our essentials, increases the stress level just a touch. But despite our circumstances, God is blessing and using us. We had a great teen fellowship with the Panamanians last night. I got to joke around with some of the teens I met when I was here in January. God is good - all the time!!

Jamie & Kids: I was unable to check email for some reason. I haven't had a chance to purchase a phone card yet. I'll call asap. I miss and love you guys. Respond to this if you need to get a message to me. Kiss each other for me! Mollie, quit bossing your brother around. Isaiah, quit pestering your sister. Isla, quit thinking about quantum physics. Jamie, relax. I love you guys.

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Jamie said...

Wow... a lot of craziness to start off your trip! The kids are on the road w/ Uncle Josh, so I called them and gave them your message. They laughed! We wondered why you hadn't called yet, but understand. We love you tons and are trying to get lots of work done while you're gone. I promise to relax too. Call when you can and the kids want you to call them at Maw Maw's house. Isla's still thinking about quantum physics and she misses Daddy. Love you. - Jamie