Lovin' the Movies

I've seen some great movies lately. Jamie and I watched the new Harry Potter flick again last night on our date night. Today we took the kids to see The Simpsons Movie. It was excellent! Very funny. The animation was a little better than the weekly series, but overall it had the same great feel of the genius that is The Simpsons. I've said it before, and I honestly believe it, The Simpsons is probably the greatest comedy series EVER on TV. The writing has been consistently good for 19 years - no other show can say that.

I finally saw Little Miss Sunshine a few days ago, too. Another great movie. You should definitely rent this one if you haven't seen it. It was funny and gut-wrenching all at the same time. There were several times I was a little weepy during the movie, but the ending had me lauging harder than I've laughed in a long while. Some language issues and some illicit drug use, but the story of this beautiful little girl blows all that stuff away.

I am also super-excited that production has finally started for the new Indiana Jones movie. It's set to release Memorial Day 2008. They've set up a great website at indianajones.com where you can keep track of the progress through photos, news, and videos. It's worth going to the home page just to let that theme music get you all amped up! Karen Allen, Indy's love interest in Raiders..., is back for this movie and she looks unbelievable! That movie came out over 20 years ago and she doesn't look a day older. Anyway, can't wait! Let me know what great movies you all have seen recently.

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